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Automating Mortgage Workflows

The mortgage industry is cyclical by nature. Your processes need to be streamlined and efficient to be able to handle the volume of business in the cycle’s peaks.

Over 85% of the mortgage process can be automated, shifting tedious, repetitive tasks from people to machines. Use automation to ease your bottlenecks, so you can earn more business.

Instantly Link External Accounts

Plaid Add External Account wanted their members to immediately fund their new accounts from an external account after opening the new account online.

Custom Loan Application

Offer your customers a customized loan application for personal loans, auto loans, credit card applications, etc.

Open Minor Accounts Online

Take advantage of the large market demand for kid and teen accounts. Increase your customer base, loyalty, and account usage with an easy online opening solution for minor accounts.

When your customers want to open an account for their child, requiring them to visit a branch with their child is often too inconvenient.

Document eSigning

We can integrate a document eSignature provider (such as DocuSign) with Q2 online banking. This significantly reduces friction by allowing your customers to e-sign documents within any online banking flow.


For example, if you offer a loan application that requires an electronic signature, the applicant can e-sign the document without leaving the online application flow.

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