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Empower your customers to manage opening, renewing, and cashing out their own Certificates of Deposit with a few clicks in online banking.

  • Increase deposits
  • Increase customer loyalty with convenient online self-service options
  • Decrease branch and call center staffing costs

Promote your attractive CD rates

Advertise your best CD rates with prominent banners.

Clickable banners initiate the seamless flow to open new certificates in real-time.

Select from current terms and rates

Select the funding account and amount

Review and submit

Congrats on your new CD!

Open new CDs in a few easy steps

No need to SSO to a 3rd party website in a new browser, or enter already known data such as customer address, phone number, email, etc.

Enable your customers to open a new CD directly from their online portal in a few easy steps:

  1. Select from current terms and rates
  2. Select the funding account
  3. Specify funding amount
  4. Review and submit

Enable users to renew or close their own CDs

During the maturity grace period, allow your customers to manage their CD with a few clicks:


Select new term and rate from the current offerings

Select new term for renewal

See the successfull renewal

Cash out

Specify which account will receive the funds from the closed CD.

We can also provide an option to send a cashier’s check of the closed CD funds

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