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  • Transparent pricing and easy payments. You’ll get paid based on hourly rate.

  • Get notified when someone hires you.

  • Get hired during your availability hours.

  • Chat directly with customers

  • Get reviewed by customer

Project Description

All of our sales and auctions are available to view at All clients will be required to create a GoldIQ Account. Clients will be asked to provide their full name, address and contact details including telephone and email. If you plan to bid automatically with concierge host services, you should first create a My Gold Trader Account

If you auto bid with a concierge and wish to find out how you fared with your concierge services bid after the auction, view auction results online in real-time or contact our Client Service Department, +1-512-987-9576, Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm, Central time

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