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Free up your loan officers to bring in more business by spending more time meeting with borrowers and selling loans rather than doing data collection, validation, and entry.

KYC: Automate your KYC compliance with identity verification services. One such service is the Mitek Verified Identity Platform, which allows you to orchestrate identity verification technologies such as:

  • Database checks
  • PEP screening
  • Sanctions checks
  • Liveness detection
  • Facial biometrics
  • ID document validation
  • Proof of address checks
  • Configure document recency rules

For example, you can create a guided journey where the borrower submits a picture of their photo ID and a selfie, and then you receive results as to the validity of the photo ID, the results of the checks and screenings you configured, and a pass/fail result with a score.

Loan Setup: Automate collection of data from different sources (such as government websites, appraisal, borrower documents, etc.) and enter the data into the LOS.

Other automatable origination tasks:

  • Employment verification
  • Initial disclosures – create and send initial disclosure package within LOS
  • Order credit – order Undisclosed Debt Notification (UDN) report within LOS
  • Rate lock requests – scrape and validate data from email request
  • AUS – run automated underwriting service
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