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Get product description on google search

Google and other search engines can display product information in search results. A few lines can be displayed under the search result showing relevant information to the search. Users can get a sense of what is in the link without even clicking the link.

If you have a ecommerce website this is a must do:

Google search can display product price, availability and review ratings just below search result.
You can see in the below image google search result of product Alpha A6000 Camera. First company doesn’t have any description about the product in the search result. However the second as marked in red box has rating, product price and availability in search result. Chances of user clicking the second link are higher compared to the first one.
Product attributes in google search results

Can have your business information like address displayed in search result
When a user searches about your company can have your business address, work hours listed in google search result

Can have review of a product displayed in search results.

Small businesses spend thousands of dollars on SEO. If you design your webpages better so that search engines can read your webpages better. We use microdata markup so that search results of your website shows up better.

This will result in more clicks to your website.

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