SEO for small business

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is very important for small business owners. This article assumes that you have a website and plan to improve your google page rank

1) Find Keywords:

First step when you plan to do SEO for your website is to find appropriate keywords that people use
to search your business. google keyword finder is a free tool and helps you find popular keywords used by people for your business

I would explain in detail going forward

2) On page optimization:

On-page optimization involves factors on how your webpage is coded. Your website needs to be programmed professionally with highest programming standards. There are many online tools out there to check your website’s on-page site analysis

I found pretty useful

3) Off page optimization:

Off page optimization involves factors like popularity of your website in natural search results. It includes how many other highly ranked websites have your website link on them. To improve off page optimization need to increase backlinks on other websites. google values a link as more valuable if the link exists on a website that is relevant to your industry.

To find good where you can have your website links its better to anlayze your competitor website backlinks.

Maybe you can post in similar websites as your competitors