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Banking IT Solutions

Our strategic approach to enhancing IT capabilities allows banks to achieve game-changing levels of success, with robust systems architecture and cost structure that delivers results.

Q2 Platform integration

With Q2 platform integration, our capable team can take your banking application to the next level and make your brand stand apart, by seamlessly customising its look, feel and functionality.

Mobile App Development

We build state of the art mobile apps with latest innovative technologies and features.

Our Clients

Banking Application
Banking Application
Banking Application

Our Promises

Highly experienced developers

Ensuring exceptional security is our utmost priority at Nueve Solutions, as financial applications are most vulnerable to cyber attacks. With a diverse team that has extensive experience in bank IT consulting; our customers can rest easy knowing that their banking applications are designed to be both well-designed and user-friendly. Using innovative and emerging banking application practices, we encrypt your data as an added security measure against hacks. Our approach is to consider and assess the best alternatives for customers to choose from, while taking advantage of the unique skillset each team member offers.

Collaborative culture

At Nueve Solutions, we value a collaborative perspective, via which the client feels supported and respected. As experienced bank consultants, developing and expanding connections based on constructive discussion and teamwork has served us well both internally and in the case of clients. Transparency between a client and the provider results in seamless execution of services, and better engagement with potential markets.

Personalized applications

We have a history of developing and implementing customised applications and curated banking software solutions, with cutting edge technologies that are well-aligned with the business goals of our clientele. Our deep understanding of market dynamics allows us to conveniently track areas that need improvement, to ultimately bring impressive results, e.g. increase audience engagement, encourage business growth and overall performance indicators. To serve the needs of diverse banks and credit unions, Nueve provides integration with Q2’s platform architecture, which results in an unbeatable mix of tech solutions for all account holder segments.

Innovative solutions

Our team at Nueve Solutions is committed to supporting client networks with innovative solutions that streamline operational efficiency and elevate the brand. We are working hard to push the boundaries of what digital banking platforms have to offer today, from features like configurable access to troubleshooting issues, and fraud mitigation of banking infrastructure. No matter what time of the day, we strive to find banking app development solutions that lead to revenue growth as well as cost reduction in the long-term.

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