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In today’s online environment, search engine optimization is a must for any serious online company. A number of studies have consistently shown that the search engines account for as much as 80% of all Internet traffic, and this means if your website isn’t listed in them, you won’t get much traffic, which means no sales.

Why You Need Search Engine Optimization

However, just getting your site listed in the search engines isn’t enough. You also have to achieve “high rankings” in the search engines, which means your website should come up in the top ten or twenty results for the primary keyword which is related to your company.

Depending on the industry your company operates out of, this can be extremely difficult, because some industries are highly competitive. To compete in such industries, you need a team of SEO experts who understand the search engines inside and out, who can optimize your site both on page and off page, getting you the high rankings which are critical to your company’s survival on the web. Studies have shown that when a visitor types a keyword into a search engine, they rarely venture beyond the first or second page. What this means is that if your site isn’t listed in the top twenty search results, and preferably the top ten, you’re missing out on many valuable customers, who are going to your competitors instead.

Our SEO Process


  • We’ll have some initial discussions with you, talking about your website/business aims and what you hope to gain from the SEO work.
  • We’ll conduct Keyword Research and advise you on the top terms to gain from the SEO work.
  • Once Keywords are agreed, we’ll start implementing them on your site (Meta Tags, Page Titles etc.)
  • Over the course of the month, we’ll carry out the “Off-Page” work (Directory Submissions, One Way Links, Social Bookmarking, Article Writing & Submissions + much more).
  • We’ll also check your site against a list of “Standard Checks”. This helps ensure there are no underlying problems that may hinder progress.
  • After work has been carried out, we’ll both stand back and admire the front page rankings and increase in traffic that you are enjoying.

How Long Does It Take

Results can sometimes be seen within one month of work beginning.

It all depends on how much competition there is on your selected Keywords. It can take many months to get onto the front page of Google for some terms.

We advise to invest at least 3-6months work on a solid SEO campaign. However, we understand due to time and budgetary constraints, this is not always possible.

We encourage you to try us on a month-to-month basis, giving you the freedom to walk away anytime.

It’s important to realize that SEO cannot be “forced” overnight. It has to be conducted gradually to appear natural in the eyes of the search engines. Companies that offer quick fixes or next-day results are no doubt using unethical, “Black Hat” techniques that can risk your site being penalized or blacklisted.

We operate using strict White-Hat practices, safeguarding the long-term interests of your website.

SEO Cost | SEO Packages

The majority of our clients opt for monthly packages. These tend to offer the best value for a “typical” campaign, due to their comprehensive nature. Prices start at $199 USD/month for 6 month.

The most popular packages are our “Basic” or “Standard” packages, which are priced $ 299 USD/month and $ 399 USD/month for 6 months respectively. Full information on all our packages can be found on SEO Package page. There’s no lengthy contract and we’re happy to work on a month-by-month basis.

If you are looking to “Pay-per-Keyword Position”, then we offer this pricing model too. All prices are custom as they depend on Keywords chosen and your website’s current situation. Prices start from $20 and run into the $1000s. With this method, we take a pre-determined fee for the keyword entering the top 30/20/10 on Google (+Yahoo/Bing).