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Mobile Website Designing

Nueve Solutions is a leading Software Development Company providing solutions for Internet based services like web, desktop and windows applications and many other web application software also.

Mobile applications throw the challenge of providing a simple and effective user interface to the user, which is powerful enough to obtain user business. We are excited to say we deliver such products with top-notch quality.We design and develop mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android that people love to use – over and over again.

Why you need a mobile website?

* They load quickly on your smartphone
* Mobile websites are built to drive calls.
* Easy access to address and services
* You don’t need to zoom to see website content.
* With a single click on a mobile website you can call

Our mobile website development approach:

Depending on your business and your existing desktop website we plan on developing your mobile website. You may need a completely new mobile website or a dynamic website which loads mobile optimized version of your desktop website. Either way will help you evaluate your options and develop a mobile optimized website.
Responsive websites – Your website needs to look good not only on a desktop, laptop and a smartphone but also on a tablet (ipad, nexus). Websites developed by us are optimized for all devices.

Mobile website services:

* website design and development
* Device detection and redirection
* Single click to call
* mobile search engine optimization
* social media integration
* mobile analytics

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