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Java Development

Nueve Solutions is a leading Software Development Company providing solutions for Internet based services like web, desktop and windows applications and many other web application software also.

Using Java based technology; we have an excellent track record in developing simple to complex enterprise-class applications. We have developed many solutions in Java with J2EE 1.0 through to JAVA EE 5. Our experience includes production of enterprise solutions and integration with leading relational client/server databases such as Microsoft SQL/Server, Oracle, Sysbase, Interbase, and MySQL.

About our Java professionals

  • We have Sun certified java professionals.
  • More than 7 years of experience in java Development.
  • We are a team of 50 professional JAVA developers.
  • We support Agile Methodology.
  • Our java programmers are both in Austin and India.


Java development:

  • Core java, Java 5, Java 6 and Java 7.
  • Java Swing.
  • J2EE – Servlets, JSP, Spring Frame work, Struts(MVC).
  • JSF – Java Server faces.

DATABASES and Data Retrieval:

  • SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL.
  • Hibernate, JDBC, JQuery and JPA(Java Persistence API).

BUILDS and Application Servers:

  • Maven, Ant.
  • Apache TomCat, GlassFish, JBoss, Websphere.


  • Eclipse, Netbeans and intelliJ.

Other Services:

  • We have dedicated Java programmers for hire.
  • You can hire a team of java programmers to work on a solution for an application.

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